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Welcome to U.S. Business Funding!

Approximately 90% of business loans today are usually from alternative lenders and not conventional banks. These alternative lenders typically only work with one or maybe two funding programs and reduces your chances of getting a good loan. We work with all legitimate funding programs on the market today thus offering funds through hundreds of investors and lenders. This gives you the maximum opportunity to get funding on great terms. All funds are provided by the lender directly to you and all payments will be made directly from you to the lender. 


Most people lack the proper knowledge about funding which prevents them from reaching their goals and never ask for help! However, those who do inquire, our team will provide answers that help our clients reach their goals. 


  Having the right guidance can make all the difference. Our professional team will help you create realistic goals. Our success is your success! Contact us today and don't delay in achieving your goals.